Should Social Studies Have a National Core Curriculum?

After much discussion and debate the California Council for the Social Studies adopted a policy and is sending letters to prominent policymakers that call for the development and adoption of Common Core Standards in social studies.

The National Council for the Social Studies "hopes" that "this letter will be used as an example, and inspire you to take similar action."

Should Delaware's social studies educators be lobbying for national, Common Core Standards? Why or why not?


  1. It is becoming more and more apparent everyday that if some organization does not step up to the plate, Social Studies will become extinct like the dinosaurs. Watching and reading reactions of people to current events shows we need to continue the fight to save Social Studies. The big question will be who will write the that core curriculum and what will or will not be included!

  2. Mary - I have to agree. It seems years ago there was a "respect" for not valuing certain content in Social Studies more than others... as a result, no content at all is valued.

  3. If it is to be a National Common Core Curriculum then as long as each state, district and school follows these it would be one giant step to teaching the same curriculum in each grade. As of now, there are to many loop holes in every classroom, where a common thread of curriculum is not being followed. Maybe Social Studies kits are on the way like science has, and that would make those non conformative teachers step up to plate and hopefully teach what is to be taught in their respect grade levels.

  4. If you want an answer I would recommend five minutes viewing the Mark Dice site, his videos are tongue in cheek but he is asking extremely fundamental civics type questions that an extremely poor social studies program would ensure they had learned. The blank stares over such questions as "who won the civil war" are appalling. So, YES, we need a common core standard badly.